Think Chabad 5782 (International Edition)
14 July, 2021
10 August, 2021

Think Chabad – 5782 (UK)


The global pandemic and recent tragedies across the world have left people searching for wisdom and direction.

Think Chabad” is published by Chabad Wimbledon and Dove Press, and will make an excellent gift for you to give your Baalei Batim this Rosh Hashanah.

Think Chabad” is a pocket-sized A6 booklet (similar to the size of a Bencher) with a Pisgom for every day of the year:
bite-size teachings of Chabad Chassidus, including extracts from Hayom YomSichos and Likkutei Dibburim.

Order your copies of “Think Chabad – 5782” today for just £3.00 each and we will ship them to your door.

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